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Blighty (नक़ुसान से से pronounced Bi li ti) is a Hindi word meaning 'far off country' or 'foreigner'.

It was the term directed towards British soldiers by locals during the time of the British Raj in India. The word ‘Blighty’ soon came to be used affectionately by British soldiers as a name for 'Britain' or home e.g 'back to Blighty'.

This name suitably reflects our founding heritage with offices in the 2 great countries of Britain and India. Started in 2005 by founder Christopher Evans, we now operate in these areas:

Internet products
Internet services

Our guiding principles

To be a source of creative and social improvement whilst also being a profitable and self sufficient company.

To respect our employees, resources, products and clients ensuring they are paid on time and encouraged to live healthy happy balanced lifestyles.

To have fun!



35-37 Blackstock Road
N4 2JF | London
United Kingdom

+44 2075027759

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